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A High School Auditorium
When it was originally built in 1955 this extraordinary 1,400 seat auditorium serviced the northwestern area of Oklahoma City with entertainment, educational programs and business training.

This auditorium certainly filled a need for the Oklahoma City community, yet it had not been utilized to its full potential in over 30 years and the facility had not been updated since it was built. It was overdue for an upgrade.
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Updating an Aging Auditorium
The FRIENDS of Northwest NWC Foundation was founded in 2006 and in 2008 FRIENDS started a campaign called Fund-A-Need. Funds raised allowed FRIENDS to enhance the renovations in the auditorium being made through MAPS for Kids.

The MAPS for Kids physical makeover began in 2010 and once those renovations were complete, FRIENDS stepped in to convert a former existing space into a Green Room and the old stage dressing rooms were renovated, including the addition of showers.
Becoming the Hudson Performance Hall
Then, enter Leslie and Cliff Hudson, both NWC alumni, who, as the story goes, met in the auditorium, donated $500,000 in early 2012 to the auditorium renovation efforts. In a joint comment, the Hudsons noted, “Northwest Classen holds a special place in our hearts. Not only was Northwest where we met, it was also the place where our admiration and appreciation for music, dance and performance grew to new levels.” Cliff and Leslie's generosity, creativity and devotion to the community and the arts are reflected in this thoughtful gift. In honor of the gift, the auditorium was named the Hudson Performance Hall.

Their gift was used to engineer and install a world-class caliber acoustical and multimedia system which included a Yamaha sound system, a top-of-the-line loudspeaker management system by Harman, JBL speakers, a new monitoring system.

Caretakers of a Grand Old Lady
An Auditorium Board was formed in 2011 and members volunteer their time, money and experience for the newly renovated auditorium. The Auditorium Board was formed with the following Mission Statement:

The FRIENDS of NWC Auditorium Board is dedicated to the operation and management of events utilizing the Auditorium to raise and distribute funds for continued redevelopment of facilities and programs for the benefit of NWC, as well as restoring one of Oklahoma City's treasures and providing a performing arts venue for the community.

An agreement was signed December 2011 between the OKCPS Board which states the FRIENDS of NWC Foundation shall administer the use and profits of the auditorium.

Grand Opening
September 16, 2012 Renovations were close to completion when the Hudson Performance Hall held a Grand Opening Gala inaugurated by none other than NWC grad, Vince Gill along with The Mojo Men, Bill Maxwell and other NWC grads.

Then, May 3, 2013 was one of those moments in our lives when the stars seem to align in spite of comets, black holes and solar flares and the Hudson Performance Hall hosted its official opening act, The Piano Guys... This was an evening that the FRIENDS of NWC Foundation had been anticipating for many years.

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Unexpected Surprise
On October 28, 2014 a 9 1/2 ft. tall bronze figure of Vince Gill, Class of 1975, was unveiled in front of the Hudson Performance Hall by the 20-time Grammy winner himself. Gill is depicted with his 1952 Fender Telecaster guitar by sculptor Jack Nortz. The statue was made by Willis Granite Products of Granite, Oklahoma.

A Performing Arts Venue
State of the art venue, the Hudson Performance Hall operates as a 501c3, raising funds to benefit NWC and creating an endowment for the future of HPH. HPH hosts musicians, comedians and performers of all genres, as well as regional dance competitions, local dance recitals, professional development and corporate meetings.

The intimate, friendly neighborhood setting of the Hudson Performance Hall contributes to its magic. It is warm and inviting, almost feeling like this grand old lady is grateful to everyone for her facelift - changing this tired, worn out ole dame to a bright, young, shining star full of expectation and possibility.

FRIENDS and Friends of FRIENDS of NWC have helped out with numerous upgrades and ongoing maintenance and operation of the new performance hall...
• Upgraded the electrical panels for additional power needed for concert plug-ins.
• Worked with the City of OKC’s Board of Adjustment; changing the outdoor signage.
• Installed a digital marquee.
• Removed old fencing along May Avenue between 27th and 30th.
• Restored the original wood paneling and doors in the HPH Lobby.
• Added additional stalls in the HPH Lobby Women’s restroom.
• Changed a once used coat-check area into a concession area.
• Replaced the countertops in the ticket booth and concession areas.
• Cut a trough in the auditorium floor for performer’s electrical cables.
• Installed a tiled HPH logo at the entrance.
• Added seating in the HPH lobby.

Future Improvements
FRIENDS continues to maintain the NWC grounds and the Auditorium Board is currently working with the City of OKC to resurface and restripe the parking lot and widen entrances from May Avenue. Plans are also in the works for adding iron fencing with brick pillars to set off the campus.

NWC and the Hudson Performance Hall are ongoing reminders of the extraordinary talent here in OKC.

Hudson Performance Hall Auditorium Board
Executive Committee
Kenny Phillips, President
Brenda Nixon, Treasurer
Susan Parker, Secretary, Class of 1968
Cliff Hudson, Class of 1973

Jennifer Cox, Class of 1986
Benny Garcia, Class of 1975
Bob Griggs, Class of 1966
Brent Gooden, Class of 1973
Tim McLaughlin
Kenny Phillips
Jim Robinson, Class of 1963