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Hudson Stage and House
6.Stage Right wall & Fly rail.JPG

SR Wall & Fly Rail

7. Stage left loading door.JPG

SL Loading Door

8. Stage right loading door.JPG

SR Loading Door

9. A.C. Panels S.L..JPG

SL A.C. Panels

10. Catwalk lights.JPG

Catwalk Lights

11. Stage left cluster.JPG

SL Cluster

12. Stage right cluster.JPG

SL Cluster

13. All linesets and cyclorama.JPG

All Linesets & Cyclorama

14. From first crossover.JPG

From First Crossover

15. Ramp to lobby.JPG

Ramp to Lobby

16. From Front of production.JPG

From Front of Production

17. Production area view.JPG

Production Area View

18. House left 2nd.crossover.JPG

House Left 2nd Crossover

19. 2nd. crossover.JPG

2nd Crossover

20. Top Center.JPG

Top Center

21. From stage right loft.JPG

From SL Loft